Taiwan xinglu Tu

This painting, Taiwan xinglu Tu (Portrait of seeking pleasure in Taiwan), whose creator remains unknown, was uncovered from the private collection of the descendants of Zheng Cong, Koxinga’s second son. It now belongs to the Zheng Chenggong Memorial hall in Xiamen. According to one study, the people enjoying the natural scenery and river in the painting form the core of Taiwan’s collective leadership after Koxinga’s death in 1662. In the foreground, Zheng Jing dressed in the dark blue robe, stands together with Feng Xigan. Behind then Jing’s son, Keshuang, clad in light blue is shown playing chess with Chen Yonghua. This painting probably drawn after 1680 represents the first known piece of Chinese visual art in Taiwan.

Taiwan xinglu Tu (Portrait of seeking pleasure in Taiwan)


Taiwan xinglu Tu (Portrait of seeking pleasure in Taiwan). Special thanks to Professor Nie Dening of Xiamen University.

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